Enterprise IP PBX Software

A Software solution to unify all your communication and help you powerthrough your business.


Powered Communication

With a focus on modulatory, cross-platform support, scalability & stability, Enterprise IP PBX Software offers one of the most adaptable platforms. It allows utmost customisation, has unbounded attributes and ease of usability, which makes it one of the splendiferous software solution for global communication.

Leverage the latest advancements in technology and easily integrate and interface with the help of our features like WebRTC, multi-tenancy, multi-linguistic, auto-provisioning, reseller module and many more.

Hosted IP PBX Features

Amplify your Brand Value with Multi-Tenant feature.
Being local is equally important as being global. With the multi-lingual feature, manage your customers locally as well as globally.
Go cost-effective with Least Cost Routing (LCR) feature which allows you to route calls with least cost.
Check whether the extension is busy or free to talk by configuring your IP phones with Busy Lamp Field (BLF) function keys.
With the automatic invoicing, you can now check the invoice, prepaid or postpaid, on email as well as the software.
Pay your invoices in just a click via integrated PayPal payment gateway.
Manage your phone centrally and remotely, without having to log-in everytime by provisioning your phone.
Expand the horizon of your business with the reseller module that allows resellers to reach their customers.
Sync your phone, audio, video, chat & much more through the WebRTC Webphone which works smoothly with Chrome & Firefox browsers.
Yes, we are just an extension away. Just add the extension to your chrome browser to enjoy audio, voicemail and much more.
Measure current performance, identify the gaps and work towards better performance with real time analytics and reports.
It only gets better with a set of APIs which can be integrated into existing CRMs.

How It Works

Know your Hosted IP PBX Software

Hosted IP PBX software provides you low-cost unified communications with a number of advanced phone features.
With IP PBX software you can easily switch between VoIP calls and local telephonic communications.
IP PBX software has a directory of all phones which corresponds to a SIP address. Using strategies like Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, we offer companies a broader infrastructure.
The software provides flexibility as the organization grows and also minimizes operation and maintenance costs.


1What is IP PBX?
Internet protocol Private Branch Exchange switches and routes call between VoIP users and telephone network.

using it you can route calls simultaneously using shared limited resources.
2How can IP PBX benefit your business?
IP communication can be incorporated into any existing networks. They are a big boon to business, let us see how?

Easy deployable and manageable
Increase work efficiency and productivity
Enhance Customer experience
3What are the Pros and cons of IP PBX System?
Cost: They have very low operating costs, even if the number of users are high. No setup costs and zero hidden cost make it extremely inexpensive.
Usability: It requires less technical knowledge to use and maintain. Anyone with non technical background with just knowing basic computer skills can use and update systems.

Sound quality: If the company's internet signal is low, calls will loose sound quality.
It is the only drawback of IP PBX System.
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