Enterprise Predictive Dialer

A Cloud Software that manages call system between available clients and eliminates Dialer Management.


Cloud-Based Dialer

A cloud software which dials automatically from the numbers listed and transmit calls only with recognised human voice. Numbers detected to be busy, voice mailed,
unanswered or disconnected are shortlisted via software’s algorithm and are dialled again some other time.

This Automated calling dialer not only predicts the correct time of calling from agent’s side but also saves their time with number dialling process. Predictive Dialer software helps you to analyse the rate of calls connected as well client’s response through it.

Predictive Dialer Features

Predictive Dialer with a functionality to anticipate your next call.
Maximise your productivity by automate your outbound calling campaign with Auto Dialer.
Route calls to right agent at the right time with the skill-based mapping. Eliminate call waiting and increase call accuracy.
An inbuilt webphone based on WebRTC technology by Google to make your space look more organised.
With Automatic Call Distribution, route your heavy flow of incoming calls between your agents according your specific rules.
Measure current performance, identify the gaps and work towards better performance with real time analytics and reports.
Elevate the level of customer satisfaction with 24*7 email support, unlike the phone.
Connect instantly with your customers with our "Live Chat" feature, just a plugin away.
Enhance your customer experience with the Video Call feature, making it easy to connect and receive feedback.
Provide instant customer support and increase customer satisfaction with our effortless SMS feature.
Engage, monitor & support your potential customers through various social media platforms.
An audio-based survey that can effectively be used to get customer response through manual or automated survey.

How It Works

Know your Predictive Dialer Platform

Call numbers automatically with this predictive dialer. Screen for busy signals, voicemail, no-answers and disconnected numbers with an an outbound calling system that automatically dials from a list of telephone numbers.


1What is Predictive Dialer?
It is an automated outbound calling dialer system that dials from a predefined list of contact numbers.
It dials the customer's number on agents behalf, filtering out dead phone numbers, voice mails, busy signals, etc.
2Difference between Predictive and Auto Dialers?
Auto Dialer doesn’t consider agents availability whereas Predictive Dialer uses the realtime analysis and predict when the human agents will be available to make the next call.

Predictive Dialer can dial multiple numbers at the same time which is a major advantage over auto dialer as it decreases the agents Ideal time.

Some of the extra features available to you in Predictive Dialer are: algorithm based dialing, time management, real-time analytics report, etc.
3How it helps to generate leads?
Predictive Dialer maintain high volume contact sheet and uses statistical analysis to set call priority.

It also distributes incoming call among agents based on skill set and and feasibility.

Predictive Dialer provide all these things efficiently making it a superb lead generation software.
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