VOIP Services for Automotive Industry

A robust system that creates efficient communication across all channels.


Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is hyper-competitive, by harnessing the power of VoIP Service, you can improve your service quality and simplify your business process. As a leading VoIP Service provider, we offer you affordable plans for your car dealership. Our Enterprise VoIP features enhance your workforce mobility. Using a unified communication channel helps car dealers exchange messages across multiple channels.

Cut Cost Call2Dial

Reduce your Operational and Maintenance Cost

VoIP reduces infrastructure maintenance and service cost associated with the communication system. It allows your car dealers to make international calls at a very low rate.
By moving communication to the cloud, dealers eliminate the operational cost since the use of virtual tools would increase.

Acquire more Qualified Leads

Call2Dial VoIP features like Real text Messaging, Video call, live chat can generate more leads and convert them into sales.
We also provide you with real-time analytics and call reports to enhance your marketing campaign. You can also send your customer follow-ups and an online survey to improve your service.

Our Services can help you:

  • Enterprise IP PBX Software
    In the Automotive industry everyone has to be quick and responsive when dealing with clients and responding to their calls. Out IP PBX software brings with it the benefits like voicemail, call routing, easy integration with existing CRM to foster communication and business processes.
  • Real Text Messaging
    It streamlines the service and automotive process. Through this feature, you can follow up leads easily and stay on the top of the minds of your customers. It creates more of a personal experience for your customers which helps to build up their loyalty.
  • Ringless Voicemail
    It is a non-intrusive technology which will help your company to reach out to customers in the fastest way possible. Suppose you have received inquiries about any of the cars. You can directly send your leads a voicemail regarding the specifications and the availability of the car.
Do you want to reach thousands of prospects in a minute? We are more than happy to help you.