VOIP Services for Healthcare Industry

Delivering an advanced and efficient communication system between patients and doctors.


Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industries has to deal with increasing workload and responsibilities. Our VoIP Solution provides proper and efficient communication among doctors and medical staff to provide genuine medical care. From big hospitals to small clinics, VoIP is changing the way the medical world stays connected. What we aim is providing a service that focuses on improving the quality of patient care.

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Cost Saving

VoIP is pretty essential for the healthcare industry as they are facing financial challenges. We provide Cloud-based solution making installation fast and seamless.
VoIP enables low-cost calling with flexible and customizable plans. We also provide video calling, real-time text messaging reducing the travel time and cost associated with hospital visits.

Streamline Communications

In healthcare Industry, workload often gets taxing for patients and for the staff. Our VoIP service helps in managing multiple calls, collecting payments, call forwarding, routing calls and various other small activities.
We also provide advanced analytics and reports to have an inside look at traffic and patient details.

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Our Services can help you:

  • Voice Broadcasting
    For the healthcare industry, time is money. Hospitals use voice broadcasting to inform the patients of their medication dosage. It is also used to send appointment reminders to patients avoiding last minute chaos. Hospital staff is informed when the patient is on the way using broadcasting.
  • Enterprise IP PBX Software
    Using IP PBX patients seamlessly connects with the doctors preferred number. If you have multiple branches on your hospital then you can connect all the different branches of hospital to get unified and uninterrupted communication with staff members and patients. Our IP PBX solution is software based so it doesn’t require traditional telecommunication infrastructure.
  • Real Text Messaging
    SMS reminders can increase the show up of patients at the hospital by reminding them of upcoming appointments. Reminders are sent to patients of their dosage amounts and time to take care of them at a personal level. Doctors can also provide proper aftercare and ask follow up questions to patients using Real text Messaging.
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