VOIP Services for Mortgage Industry

Nurture Leads efficiently and generate more business.


Mortgage Industry

Mortgage brokers and banks compete with one another for homeowners looking to buy a new property. They use telemarketing to generate and close a lead. Call2Dial VoIP Services makes Mortgage Lead generation quick and easy. You are able to make more contacts in less time with less effort.

Lead Generation Call2Dial

Quality Lead generation

The best way to keep your pipeline full is to nurture previous leads, automate the whole process to save time and keep connected with the CRM.
Our automated cloud-based predictive dialer helps your sales team to contact leads more efficiently by giving you the ability to cater to more clients.

Giving great customer care and generate customer loyalty

You can leave a ringless voicemail and automated messages to notify customers of past billing dates and due invoices.
Your customers are kept in touch using our automated Real text messaging. You can also create automated follow-up strategies.

Customer Loyalty Call2Dial

Our Services can help you:

  • Enterprise Predictive Dialer
    Using our automated dialing system, you can call multiple numbers at once and easily bypass busy signals and dropped calls. The dialer maximizes your sales team productivity. We also provide live chat plugin and video call feature to ease customer communication.
  • Ringless Voicemail
    Upload your leads list and directly drop a voice mail in their inbox. This helps when you need to inform your clients regarding payments, loan qualification requirements without generating urgency. It has the highest listening rate thus multiplying your response rate overnight.
  • Enterprise Voice Broadcasting
    When our automated system dials to any of your prospects, they are responded with a prerecorded message. It can be used to introduce them to your organization and inform them about any new mortgage plans. Automated voice calling also keeps your clients guided via a keypad to obtain additional information.
We deliver on the commitment to make the Mortgage experience as easy as possible.