VOIP Services for Real Estate Industry

Enable connection and communication with clients faster than ever before.


Real Estate Industry

In the Real Estate industry, communication is key. For Real Estate firms, contracts are an essential part, agents can send and receive it in a matter of seconds through VoIP. For Real Estate agents, excessive call handling is difficult as they are usually out on the field, Automated Predictive Dialer facilitates call routing which eliminates call waiting and increases call accuracy.

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Along with seamless communication, VoIP allows greater flexibility. VoIP can easily connect to multiple locations which makes call transfer within staff a smooth experience.
It basically unifies all business communication for the Real Estate industry.

Easy access to Data

As agents spend more time outside the office, therefore, access to data is difficult. Our VoIP service provides you with all customers insights and data in one place.
Easy integration with CRM and access to customers performance reports makes your task a lot easier.

Data access real estate

Our Services can help you:

  • Enterprise Predictive Dialer
    In the Real Estate industry, you get new leads every day. Manually calling each lead is a very tedious process, Predictive Dialer - automated outbound calling system saves agents time from number dialing process. It also can provide you instant customer support with SMS features so that more prospecting and qualifying gets done.
  • Enterprise IP PBX Software
    No need for separate phone wiring, as it can easily switch between VoIP user and Telephonic user. It also includes some extra features like Least Call Routing(LCR), automatic invoicing, CRM integration and many more.
  • Enterprise Voice Broadcasting
    Calling each of your clients to answer their doubts can be a very tedious task. Voice Broadcasts can be used to automate frequently asked questions so that your clients can get answers quickly. It is also useful in sending appointment reminders and sending updates on new and existing listings.
If you are interested in getting more Real Estate leads and closed sales, we can help you with that.